New York Comic Con Rustic Double

by Michael Russo


Did you miss your chance to purchase this commemorative New York Comic Con x Wild Bill’s Mug this year?! You’re in luck, because we’ve produced a super limited run (250 Mugs) of this show exclusive design that will only be available for a short time. #GetYourMugOn while supplies last!


  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Your Wild Bill’s Mug is constructed with a durable, rust-resistant, food-grade stainless steel body.
  • SUPERIOR INSULATION: Double walled vacuum construction helps YOUR Wild Bill’s Mug to retain the heat or cold.
  • FREE REFILLS: One UNLIMITED REFILL coupon, good for any event in the whole nation is included ($5 Value), YEEHAW! Put your mug to work and sip on some delicious olde fashioned soda pop when and wherever you see Wild Bill’s! 
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Take YOUR forever lasting, reusable Wild Bill’s Mug along with you wherever you go. It’s less harmful to the environment and is a better option than single-serving containers.
  • COMFORTABLE AND STYLISH – These uniquely designed, copper plated Wild Bill’s Mugs have an attractive curved shape that is pleasing to the eyes. A welded ergonomic handle stays securely attached and allows users to fit 4 fingers comfortably. The mug has a flat, stable bottom that sits flush on counter and table tops.

3 Replies to “New York Comic Con Rustic Double”

  1. Shannon says:

    I. Love. Ur. Rustic. Mug.

  2. Wesley Scott Montileaux says:

    Awesome!!! Glad I bought it at the NHRA races in Vegas!!

    1. Michael Russo says:

      Thank you for your business, we appreciate you! We’re in Vegas for the Great American Comic Con this weekend if you’re in town.

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